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WebinarIgnition Overview

webinar ignition

We all undoubtedly realize by now that as marketers, we know that webinars have proven to:

- DOUBLE or TRIPLE conversion rates (compared to standard sales pages)

- Hyper-Engage with our Target Audience

- Allow the Ability to Sell Products at 5-10x Higher than Normal

- Build Amazing Value

- Build Trust and Relationships with Prospects and Customers

However its EXPENSIVE for professional webinar software.

I don’t know about you, but I’m SICK of paying up to $499 EACH MONTH to host a limited number of attendees.

Well NOW you can host unlimited webinars, with unlimited attendees, and have more engaging features than a GoToWebinar with NO monthly Fees

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WebinarIgnition Information

Hi my friend! My name’s Andrew, today I am going to tell you a really fully honest review about WebinarIgnition. What is it ? How does it work? And what could it do for you?

Why you should use webinar?

Benefits of Webinars:

A webinar offers many advantages over traditional media formats. Various studies (see below) have identified webinars as a highly effective and a cost-efficient way of communicating.

  • Lead generation research: webinars generate a lower cost per lead and high level of engagement with prospective clients
  • Content marketing research: a webinar is the second most effective method of content marketing
  • Educational research: webinars lead to a higher study success rate and greater satisfaction among students.

Hence, organizations that use webinars as part of their communications mix can expect to notice positive results. The same studies also show that the effectiveness increases as organizations gain more experience in when, and how, to use webinars. In other words, webinars are a sure-fire recipe for long-term business success!

Some key advantages of webinars are listed below:

  • Reach a very targeted audience – either live or on demand – quickly and efficiently
  • Engage participants through the use of video, audio, slides and interactive options
  • Achieve greater reach at a generally lower cost than face-to-face meetings
  • Live webinars can be re-broadcast as on-demand versions, thus enabling knowledge-sharing and optimum utilization of interesting content
  • User-friendly for participants: no travel or accommodation costs involved, and webinars can be searched and referred to for specific content afterwards
  • A webinar can be viewed on a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone
  • ‘Green’ communications tool: by reducing travel for both presenters and participants, webinars are an environmentally friendly option
  • A webinar is an innovative – and hence appealing – way of communicating.

GoToWebinar is one of the leading products on the internet which provides web conferencing functionality. When used appropriately, it helps marketers generate more sales and profit from online promotions.

Contrary to what other web conferencing products offer, GoToWebinar offers a complete set of highly useful functions and features in a user friendly way. Creation, setup and management of online events and seminars are made easy by this powerful tool:

  • Generates email invitations with ease. Users can easily invite people to “attend” a webinar or online event without struggling to find words to write. GoToWebinar offers customizable email templates that make it easier to create webinar invitations and announcements.
  • Creates brand awareness. With GoToWebinar, marketers have a chance to brand their company, product or service within the webinar. Marketers can upload company logos, headers, product images, and taglines. When people attend a webinar, they instantly see these brand representations.
  • It takes care of the audio needs of users. Users may opt to conduct a webinar using either VoIP or voice conferencing. Among the features mentioned in this Go to webinar review, this is by far one of the most important.
  • Allows users to record webinars with ease. Recorded webinars can be used as products or giveaways for those who were not able to attend. The GoToWebinar feature allows users to do just that.
  • Webinar attendees can participate. Webinar attendees are able to be given ‘voice’ by the webinar host, or they may type questions into dialogue panels within the system. This allows conversations between moderator, host and participant – creating a interactive experience.

But, they want $500 a month– $6,000 a year– for their services. Why would ANYONE pay hundreds of dollars every month for a webinar solution, when you can grab a copy of WebinarIgnition at a one-time discounted price? …and leverage all of the features of Google Hangouts and GoToWebinar AT ONCE!

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WebinarIgnition Review – What is it?

Host Live Webinars Easily – Or – Setup Evergreen Automated Webinars

Mark Thompson and his team have spent over a year building the framework for WebinarIgnition and continue to improve its features and usability based on customer feedback. WebinarIgnition is by far, the premier WordPress plugin for building out live and automated webinar funnels.  It also have more customizations and flexibility than GoToWebinar.  They truly feel that its the next generation of webinars given all of the advanced features and capabilities. Best part of all is that WebinarIgnition is a one-time fee, giving Internet Entrepreneurs, Small and Medium size businesses a solution for conducting and hosting webinars.

 What’s inside?

WebinarIgnition is an All-in-One Webinar Solution, that provide robust features, including:

- Live or Automated Webinar Funnels
- Customizable High-Converting Registration Templates
- Auto-Responder Integration
Facebook Connect Registration Option
- Q&A Management for Admins
- Video Feed Embed (ie: Google Hangouts)
- Unlimited Attendees
- Replay Templates w/ Countdown Timer
- Call-to-Action HTML or Buttons at Pitch
- In-Webinar Social Sharing
- Email + Text Message Reminder System
- Live Console (for real-time tracking + management)

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Why should you buy it?

With WebinarIgnition,  Internet Entrepreneurs and Small-Medium size online/offline businesses can push Webinar Marketing to the top of their marketing strategies, that can deliver:

- 50-100% Increase in Conversions (compared to sales pages)
- Ability to Engage with the Audience
- Sell Products at Higher Price Points
- Add Amazing Value
- Build Trust and Relationships with Prospects

You will find lots of people as it is worth keeping marketing the item. You’ll undoubtedly see a lot of opinions about that too. Nevertheless, I’m doing in an alternative way after I gives you both honest evaluations with benefits and drawbacks in addition to a special bonus if you buy it here through my link.

Why my bonus is distinctive? My advantage things are i’m, workable and useful together now. You will own MRR its people benefit items. That’s fairly unique too. The ability deal might be worth over $2700.. You should check it here.

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About Creator

webinar ignition creator

WebinarIgnition was created by Mark Thompson . He is a full-time Internet Marketer with over 5 years experience and the creator of StayOnSearch.Most of his products were sold crazily, such as:

  • Long Tail Pro is a powerful keyword research software. Long Tail Pro allows the user to generate hundreds or thousands of unique “Long Tail” keywords in a matter of minutes based on 1 single root keyword or multiple root keywords at once.The need for Long Tail Pro was born out of the experience of spending countless hours searching for low competition keywords.Long Tail Pro allows you to generate much more than 800 keywords using the data from the Google keyword tool.
  • CurationSoft is #1 curation software on the market, allowing you to Discover, Review and Curate Content from Wikipedia, Google Blogs and News, Blekko Blogs and News, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr and ANY RSS Feed You Want!
  • BonusPress is a WordPress Plugin, that allows you to create professional bonus pages for promoting product launches as an affiliate.
  • WebinarExpress is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to register and conduct webinars using any live video feed like Google Hangouts and UStream.
  • AuthorityPro 3.0 is a WordPress plugin that includes a step-by-step wizard for easily building out marketing pages, with no technical knowledge at all.AP3 was built on the Twitter Bootstrap framework, which means that its mobile-friendly/responsive design allows to be viewed in all desktop browsers and mobile devices.

And now is Webinar Ignition. About Webinar Ignition, with knowledge and Innovative, Mark Thompson has focusing on that product for almost 6-month for Which makes it bigger and better along the way. WebinarIgnition is the best product to create your wonderful Webinar.

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Who is it for?

  • WebinarIgnition is for Everyone.
  • It is the best choice for Online Marketers, Offline Marketers, Product Owners, Services, Affiliate Marketers, etc…

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You must be a professional IT guy? Or you own a talent brain with High IQ ?  The answer is “NO”. Everyone can use WebinarIgnition because it is easy to learn and action. The only things you need is follow the instruction and get success, very easy, right?

The WebinarIgnition cost you $97, it all depends on your needs. I think this is really an affordable price for an awesome product that could help you do many boring jobs and save tons of time. The price makes the software even better. Do you think so?

In Conclusion

I appreciate your patient to read here. My review has shown you all the inside and outside information about WebinarIgnition.

. “A success depend so much on the decision” and now this is a time for you to give a decision!

webinar ignition download

Yes, it’s your turn, make the decision and get success through online business. If you find out this review do not enough for you, click here to get more info about WebinarIgnition and its benefits. The most important thing of all, WebinarIgnition has 100% money back guarantees in case you are not satisfied with this theme.

Please check out my huge bonus package worth over $2700 as well to receive the addition value if you would like to take this product. Be quick, this offer can be stopped at any time. It’s only for first 10 persons who make very quick and exact decision.

Thank you for reading my WebinarIgnition Review. Best wishes to you, Cheers!


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